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Pain & Numbness in Arms and Legs



Pain & Numbness in Arms and Legs

These conditions are referred to as sciatic radiculitis (sciatica or pain/numbness down the legs) and cervical radiculitis (brachial plexus inflammation with pain/numbness down the shoulders or arms) Radiculitis can be described as inflammation of a spinal nerve root as it exits the spine. The inflammation is a combination of four properties: 1) pain 2) swelling 3) redness 4) heat. It is almost always caused by pressure on the spinal nerve root by either the facet of the vertebra or by the disc itself. The symptoms of this inflammation include:

  • Pain down the course of the nerve
  • Numbness down the course of the nerve
  • Weakness
  • Electrical shocks or pulsations (rare)
  • Paresthesia – fuzzy, tingling or pins and needles feeling as if your arm, leg, hand, foot is going to sleep
  • Hot, burning sensation
Chiropractic manipulation relieves the pressure on the nerve root and thus eliminates the symptoms.